Google Earth for Humminbird


Google Earth training for waypoints, organization, and best practices.



Google Earth is a great tool to use in conjunction with your Humminbird units and software. One great use is using the historical imagery function to go back in time when the water levels were lower and on holding cover and structure that is now visible. Our training goes into great detail on this topic.

We show you how to get organized using the folder structure in Google Earth to store your waypoints by lake, cove, etc. We have some tools that will automatically group your waypoints for you!

Until now, there were two major problems getting waypoints to and from Google Earth. First, The waypoints are not compatible. Humminbird has 70 icons available for Auto Chart and Humminbird PC. Google Earth has it’s own set of icons and they are totally different. Our conversion tools allow you to send the Humminbird icons for your waypoints to and from Google Earth.

We give you tools to organize your waypoints by sectioning off lakes and/or areas of lakes.


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High-quality files on DVD (Best for PC)